Locust Grove HVAC Company

Air Conditioning

Summers keep getting hotter, which means it’s important to have a working air conditioner provide cool air. If you need help installing a new A/C unit or need repairs done to an existing one, call A&H’s professional HVAC technicians to help! We’ll be there as soon as possible to provide you with the best heating and air services we can offer.


When your heating system isn’t working correctly, you won’t be able to keep your home warm and comfortable. If the cold is threatening you or your family and your furnace needs repairs, A&H will help to restore the warmth in any home in Locust Grove, GA. Call us now and request a free estimate so we can start helping you right away!

Heat Pumps

The heat pump is great for saving money on the electricity bill, and since it uses less electricity it fulfills a bonus role of being more environmentally friendly! If you want a new heat pump installed in your home or need repairs done to an old one, contact our DeKalb County technicians now!

New Installs

If you’re building a new home you’ll also need an expert to help you install a new air conditioning system. If you need the help of a knowledgeable HVAC technician in Locust Grove, GA to help you set up the A/C in your home, A&H is always ready to help!

Zoning Systems

Without a zoning system, your home will have vastly different temperatures from room to room. This can cause your air conditioner to work more or less than necessary and may also lead to discomfort when moving between different parts of the house. If you want every room in your house to be just as comfortable as the last, contact us and we’ll install a new zoning system for you!


The thermostat is a simple yet amazing tool that gives any homeowner full control of their air conditioning unit. With it, you’ll be able to completely govern how much effort your heating and air system outputs. Call A&H if you need a Locust Grove HVAC company to repair or install a thermostat in your home!

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