Air Conditioning

Sleeping in a cool and comfortable room allows you to wake up recharged and in good mood, giving you the energy to do things right later in the day. But if your air conditioning unit is not functioning properly, you will surely have difficulty getting a good night’s sleep.

To keep your air conditioning unit functioning in full mode, have it checked and cleaned regularly by an expert service technician.

An air conditioner has filters, evaporator coils and fins that should undergo regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure efficient function of the unit. If you fail to have these cleaned and maintained by a technician, the performance of your air conditioning unit will decline, producing warm air instead of cool, while your energy consumption will increase.

The filter is the most important part of your air conditioner that should be regularly replaced or cleaned to ensure that your unit will function well. Dirty and clogged filters will block the normal flow of air and will reduce the efficiency of your A/C.

A clean filter will lower the energy consumption of your air conditioning unit by as much as 15 percent.

If your air conditioning unit is used regularly, you may need to clean or replace the filter at least once in two months, depending on your location. If you are located in a dusty environment, you may need to replace or clean it every month.

A clean filter may also mean a clean coil because it is the filter that literally filters dirt from going inside. However, coils will collect dirt over time, which will reduce the flow of air. The dirt will encapsulate the coil, which in turn will reduce the coil’s ability to absorb heat. To prevent this from happening, the evaporator coil should be checked and cleaned regularly.

These maintenance works should be done by an expert service technician to make sure your air conditioner functions well.

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